Hong Kong, Hong Kong, will you ever have peace?

hongkongharbourYou have been on roller coaster, through tribulations and trials, climbed to high achievements and plunged with SARS into depression…You have learnt from the good, the bad and the inevitable. Although among you, there are conflicting views and dissenting ideas, but you have never given up for the wellbeing of your people. You are resilient, and you will be able to pull through.

But Hong Kong, Hong Kong, will you ever have peace? Your history has given you inherent obstacles and the change of ownership of this tiny dot on Earth has generated too many problems for the wearied minds of the people. You can never be independent, yet you are so unique, Chinese but also western, stable but also unsettling, prosperous but also lacking. They all know how to benefit from you. Both western countries and Mainland China use you as the gateway to fulfilling their goals. But Hong Kong, who cares for your peace?

As the protesters continue to occupy the financial districts in Hong Kong, and the Chinese government has insisted on their uncompromising stance for election rules, the majority of the people are confused, puzzled and frustrated. Before the next wind arises, I quietly say a prayer for Hong Kong. Oh, Lord, please be merciful, grant peace to the many troubled souls.

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