A Love Song—For Max, My Late Four-Legged Best Friend

2nd Anniversary of Max's passing

There we went,
You took me, probably God sent.
Across the grass and the sand;
Through hustle and bustle;
Beyond time and space;
We did run the run and made it to the end.

When the day was done
And the race was won,
You and I would regret none.
Never mind the rain and the pain,
I sang a song only you would enjoy;
How we felt, the simple joy.

Loyalty abound and gratitude overflowing,
Proudly you showed your existence
Owned by me.
And overwhelmed, I owed you my persistence.
Your paws standing by my side,
Not a time I was worried to slide.

It started with that merciful morning
When I met a poor soul mourning.
Those big brown eyes so much torn,
But one single look made you reborn.
Armed with courage to save, I finally realised,
You were the one who taught me brave.

Now I miss your gaze,
The way you delivered your love,
So true, and so pure; subtly dazed.
Yet you were never slow to show
That grand wisdom in life.
Oh how I wish to scratch your ears and feel you alive.

Often I wonder
And much I ponder,
What I love that has made 
So deep my love.
I knew from the day found,
I would be bound.
Amazed I am, still,
What made you that drove me
So much into your spell.

Many a time I am carried away backwards;
A rolling ball, an excited bark, a bird flying by or leaves falling down…
Speechless, stalled at the beauty of my memory;
I feel your tender spirit again leading me forward.
Then my heart has a little tremor, telling me
You are still around—true love never dies.

(In memory of the 4th anniversary of Max’s passing, May, 2017)


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