I was born to Chinese parents in Hong Kong, raised and educated in the then British colony. Once I considered myself British until the question of Hong Kong’s “1997 future” came up for discussion in the media.

In 1999, I, my husband and our daughter moved to Sydney and I had to say good bye to my teaching jobs in the universities in Hong Kong. I became a dog owner when we adopted Max from the RSPCA within a month of our emigration. So I started my Australian life with my faithful friend, Max, who taught me how to enjoy a simple life and to find strength in his companionship. Our extraordinary relationship inspired me to write about him, and his story has made my first English book.

“Ying Ying” is my author name. “Ying” is my real Chinese name, meaning “reflection” (an activity I often like to engage myself in). But to most of my friends, I’m known by my English middle name, Hilda.

Writing became my passion when I was about ten years old, and it remains with me ever since. I used to write mainly in Chinese: essays, poems and stories. Since our move to Sydney I have found myself writing mostly in English. I continue to learn to write well, it’s a challenge that gives me satisfaction.

About YingYing

My Books:

Dancing on a Turning Carpet (co-authored with the Breakthrough Ltd, in Chinese) published in Hong Kong, 1992

Starting with Four-Legs ( in Chinese) published in Hong Kong, 2009

Starting with Max ( in English) published in Australia, 2013